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Bienvenido! Para español, por favor vea la página que sigue.

Welcome to Del's ESL. Originally created for Spanish-speakers, Del's ESL is now used by English students around the world.

The purpose of this website is to explain the more difficult, tricky parts of the language. But I also include the basics for those who are just beginning.

English verbs don't change as much as verbs in other languages. They are very easy to use. The regular verb work has these forms: work, works, working, and worked. The irregular verb go has these forms: go, goes, going, went, and gone. For interrogative and negative sentences we add auxiliary verbs to the original form.

There is no good reason for a lot of things in English. For example: say and tell.

You can say something.                                          correct

You can say something to me.                                 correct

But you can't say me something.                             wrong

You have to tell me something.                               correct

Be sure to look at the page: "Decir: Say or Tell?"

Two-Word Verbs

Every morning we get up, get dressed and get ready to go to work. There are a lot of common two-word verbs that start with get. But there are hundreds, or maybe thousands of others. In most cases the two words can be separated and you still need to understand the meaning. Turn on the light. Turn the light on. Turn it on.

English is difficult to pronounce and difficult to spell. For those who speak Spanish, I have often tried to give you the pronunciation of English with Spanish sounds. Sometimes it's possible, sometimes it isn't possible. Sometimes the sound is approximately right. Please study the pronunciation of the past tense of regular verbs. English students usually pronounce them wrong.

You should not use two negative words in the same sentence. I didn't say nothing is not correct. We say, "I didn't say anything."

I sometimes write a blog in English. You can practice reading in English and learn new vocabulary. It will also help you learn about life in California and the United States. Unfortunately, I haven't written a blog for a long time, but I'm planning to write them again, starting today, April 29, 2017. So look for something new every week. You can find me on Facebook: Del Schwarz.

I welcome your comments or questions. My email address is:

ESL is the abbreviation for English as a Second Language.

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