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Who is Del?

Hello. My name is Del Schwarz.

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona.

I also lived in the states of Arkansas, Nebraska and Colorado.

I have a degree in Spanish from Loma Linda University.

I also studied German, French and Russian.

I studied Spanish for 1 year in Argentina. Then I toured other countries of South America: Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Peru.

I taught English on the border with Mexico in Calexico, California and Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico for 13 years.

Now I work as an ESL tutor/teacher in Southern California.

The map below shows the area where I work.

If you live in this area, I would be happy to go to your house and help you learn English. Please call me for more information. (951) 317-2852

Now you can find me on Facebook. 

I am a christian. I believe in God.

I believe God created the world and everything in it. I believe He created you and me. I believe that every person is important.

I believe that Jesus died to forgive us and save us from our sins. I believe that He lives again and He has conquered death.

I believe that when we die, it is similar to being asleep.

I believe that Jesus will come again with all the angels to wake up the people who are dead (asleep).

If you would like to know more about God, you can learn about Him in the Bible. I recommend the website

                      Select: Study Tools

                                          Bible Study Guides

                                          Spanish or English

Other excellent websites are and

To watch religious television in English, Spanish, and many other languages try

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