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There is, There's (singular) - Hay

There is a beautiful waterfall on the border between Argentina and Brazil.

Interrogative: Is there? Negative: There isn't

There are (plural) - Hay

There are a lot of pages on this website.

Interrogative: Are there? Negative: There aren't

Past Tense

There was (singular) - Había

There was a long line at the bank today.

Interrogative: Was there? Negative: There wasn't

There were (plural) - Había

There were a lot of cars in the parking lot at the bank.

Interrogative: Were there? Negative: There weren't

Future Tense

There will be, There'll be - Habrá

There will be more water in the lake after it rains.

There will be more clouds in the sky tomorrow.

Interrogative: Will there be? Negative: There won't be

There is going to be, There's going to be

(There's gonna be) (singular) - Va a haber

There is going to be more water in the lake after it rains.

Interrogative: Is there going to be?

Negative: There isn't going to be

There are going to be (plural) - Van a haber

(There are gonna be)

There are going to be more clouds in the sky tomorrow.

Interrogative: Are there going to be?

Negative: There aren't going to be

Present Perfect Tense

There has been, There's been (singular) - Ha habido

There has been a noise in the motor of my car for several days.

Interrogative: Has there been?

Negative: There hasn't been

There have been, There've been (plural) - Han habido

There have been a lot of accidents on that narrow road.

Interrogative: Have there been?

Negative: There haven't been

Past Perfect Tense

There had been, There'd been - Había habido

There had been an empty field there for many years before they built the new shopping center.

Interrogative: Had there been?

Negative: There hadn't been

There are some (plural) - Hay algunos

There are some problems that I need to resolve.

There are some people that I don't like.

There are some good news magazines.

Interrogative: Are there any? also Are there some?

Negative: There aren't any

Are there any cookies left? No, I'm sorry. There aren't any.

I ate the last ones.

There is some, There's some (singular) - Hay algo de

Americans often say this when they are talking about food or drink. The word some may not make sense if it is translated.

There is some pie in the refrigerator. There is some pizza in the freezer.

There is some soda in the door of the refrigerator.

Interrogative: Is there any? also Is there some?

Negative: There isn't any

Is there any cake left? No, I'm sorry. I ate the last piece of cake.

But there is some apple pie in the refrigerator.

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